Welcome to Men's Counselling.

Perhaps you are here to quickly check it out, perhaps you are checking it out for someone else, or just maybe you could use a bit of a chat to someone?


Nick Garay specialises in anxiety and depression. Other names for this include work stress, life stress or just plain old overwhelm! Speaking to someone neutral and objective can relieve a lot of pressure.

For a face to face consult at our North Sydney office phone (02) 9002 1340 or email nickgaraycounselling@gmail.com, or call Nick on mobile 0411 815 123.

For a chance to be part of our men's group run by men, for men, to provide a space to meet other partners of women who experience some form of perinatal mood disorder please email nickgaraycounselling@gmail.com.

For Skype Counselling email nickgaraycounselling@gmail.com

If you haven’t had counselling before maybe you are wondering how it all works.

Where would I start? Do I really need this? Well lets break it down a bit:

Where would I start?

The easiest way to think about this, is to think about what you would like to get out of the counselling experience. For example, I would like to feel less stressed, I would like to feel less anxious, I would like to stop snapping and yelling at everyone, I would like to find me again as I’m so busy I forget what it is I was like before.

Do I really need this?

The process of telling someone removed from your situation, and trained as a counsellor can be profoundly therapeutic. Being realistic, it takes more than one online counselling session, as many men discover that they are only half way through their story/issue/dilemma  and the time has ended.

It’s not me, it’s her!

Don’t worry you are not alone with this either. Perhaps you have just had a baby and feel like you have lost the woman you married. Just because your partner may seem like they need more attention, you are very important too. In fact, how will you take care of your partner, and a new baby, if you do not take care of yourself? It is worthwhile protecting yourself against the possibility of Postnatal depression which also affects men. In my experience it often hits men, after their wife has recovered. Counselling or self development work can serve as a safeguard.


What they are saying:

I had never considered myself as a guy who would need counselling, in fact the thought of turning up to an office and indicating that I was there for therapy just made the whole process something I threw into the too hard basket. Also, when would I fit it in? My work was already taking up the majority of my time and to take more time away from the family wasn't an option. I found Baby and Beyond Parental Counselling through an ad. I was a bit skeptical at first but it turned out to be well worth it. Nick was flexible with times and very insightful with feedback.It has made a huge difference to my stress levels and it is good to know that after a few weeks checking in regularly, the service is still there if I need to come back. Thanks Nick. *Steve 34, Perth


I was having some trouble in my life, and found myself very stressed all the time. Sometimes it was even hard to cope with the little things. A friend recommended I try Nick Garay Counselling via Skype because I wouldn't have to take time off work to see a counsellor. Nick's services came highly recommeneded, so I gave it a shot.  Skype sessions were a good solution. I found that by talking with Nick regularly I could really open up.*James, Glebe

*Names changed by request to protect confidentiality