Baby and Beyond Facilitated Mother's Group

We see our role as supporting women who are adjusting to parenting and may be experiencing higher levels of anxiety than anticipated. We also assist those struggling with any form of perinatal mood disorder.

At Ridge 26 we provide access to a professionally facilitated support group. Newly formed facilitated mothers groups will begin in late 2013. These support groups are designed to help foster a sense of mental and emotional well-being amongst those attending. 


The group will take enrolments online from November 2013. Once the group commences it is then closed, meaning that no new members can join. Attending a closed group can often add to the feeling of safety and security which is an essential part of the group experience. Please make sure you register as places are strictly limited.

We very much invite anyone struggling with the day to day realities of being a Mum to come along. Sometimes our new role as a parent can be disconcerting and disorientating. 

We look forward to welcoming you,

The Team at Baby and Beyond

Baby and Beyond Parental Counselling